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Official one shot music video for the song Life Is Short performed by Life Is Short w Ozzy Osbourne actor For fans of Pop Punk music Neck Deep Anti Flag
submitted by Aquilar-Annita
Thanks for watching our one shot music video for Life Is Short! Pop Punk music has always been a love of ours! (Like Neck Deep and punk music like Anti Flag) Ozzy Osbourne is not actually in our video (although its been fun leaving people guessing while watching our one shot music video!) He is actually an impersonator and his name is not Ozzy Osbourne! Please subscribe to our channel for more pop punk music from Life Is Short!LyricsDisconnected from reality Im a little more than what i have to be i just know it if Im loud and obnoxious then quiet and dont say things whats it to you the nights are short but we still hang out be cause we have each other and thats… Life is short and we dont even know the meaning and when were gone well probably be forgotten so when i tell you that you mean more than anything can say just let me know that, baby i know that well be OKsee lessFFO Neck Deep, Anti Flag, Eternal Boy, Ozzy Osbourne (jk)This is a one music video and took us 3 tries.More Pop Punk music from Life Is Short:Facebook -

Topic: Recreational


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