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The pedagogical aptitude test in a secondary opposition
submitted by Astafan_1972
As everybody knows, the opposition phase contains two tests which have an eliminatory character, and the rating is written by the arithmetic mean of the scores of all members present in the Court.The very first test: evaluates specific familiarity with the specialty: in the event of secondary examinations, it can have a maximum duration of 4.5 hours without interruptionThe second test thats referred to in this opportunity, evaluates the pedagogical attitude and mastery of teaching techniques, which is performed through the approval of two tests namely:• The presentation of a didactic program, is delivered to the court the next day (except Sundays and holidays) to the publication of the grades of the very first test, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00. Your defense will undoubtedly be held before a Court consisting of 5 members and can have a maximum duration of 30 minutes.• The exhibition of a didactic unit, the opponent will pick a didactic unit of a shortlist, drawn by lot from its own programming. You can have one hour for your preparation, without being able to use laptops, cell phones or some other computer or electronic device. For the exhibition may use auxiliary material without curricular content or computer or electronic type, plus a script that can not exceed the face of a page, which must be sent to the court at the end of the exhibition, it will have a maximum duration of 30 minsTo overcome this second test you have to reach a weighted global score corresponding to or greater than 5 points. To enter the contest phase it will be necessary to own obtained at least five points in the opposition phase having passed both tests.Through the exhibition you must:• Be precise, clear and concise• Have good diction and public speaking• Maintain body language in keeping with verbal language• Avoid recitation of memory• Show passion and dynamism• Avoid clichés, incoordination in sentences• Dont stay static in one single place, move ahead stage• Ask the Court for permission to begin the defense of the Program or wait to get timely instruction to begin.• Watch the Court attempting to attract their attention, making voice inflections, vocalizing, emphasizing the main• It is convenient to produce some reference to the precise regulations in forceDuring the Debate with the court• Concretion and correction in the answers given.• Contribution of updated and / or extended arguments and data about the oral presentation.• Respond clearly, accurately and didactically• Take care of the corporal and verbal expression, taking the thread of the sentences, establishing relationships involving the contents and statementsWhat are the Phases of the Contest?Whats valued?Academic training: maximum 5 points.-Executive file, qualifications, extraordinary prize in the doctorate.Previous teaching experience: maximum 5 points and 5 years-In public and private centers, in specialties of the exact same or different educational level, varying based on the score obtained.Other merits: Maximum 2 points.-Courses overcome permanent training.-Courses imparted of permanent formation.-Participation in educational plans and projects.
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